Why 3M products?

Water dispenser and drinking water systems.
The 3M filter series AP-3 was specifically designed for “point of use” water dispenser and drinking water systems.


    • Easy handling and installation
    • Outstanding protection for product and machine
    • Compact & space saving
    •  Activated carbon block requires no activation
    • Retrofit combatible with other systems (CS series)
    • Different media for different applications:
      • Reduction of chlorine taste and odor
      • Reduction of suspended solids: 1μ, 0.5 μ or 0.2 μ
      • 99.95% reduction of protozoan cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia)
      • Removal of> 99.99% of bacteria
      • Reduction of lead and various volatile organic compounds
      • FDA-compliant materials with approval
      • comparatively low investment costs and high flow

The filter types:


  •  AP3-C765-E: Particle filtration 0.5 μ, 2.8 l / min, capacity 7600l
  •  AP3-C762-M: particle filtration 0.2 μ, 2.8 l / min, capacity 7600l
  • AP3 cleaning cartridge: 3.8 l / m
  • CS-15 Retrofit: particle filtration 1μ, 3.8 l / min, capacity 9464l fits Everpure filter heads

We also have more models, including for higher flow rates and hot water.
Please ask for details.