MISA-Vertriebs GmbH
Your supplier of dispensing technology – for more than 30 years.

Selling is never about convincing. It is always about helping. (Mark Cuban)

We are a family led business in second generation and implement projects for customers of any size worldwide. Our main focus: Dispensing technology – also individually-tailored solutions – and water dispensers as well as the development of branding solutions to increase the visibility of your brand at the dispensing point. Of particular importance to us is the following:

“The drink in the glass should be of top quality!

Bier im Glas

Even the best visual appearance is of no use if the quality is compromised.
The beverages are produced with a high level of quality. We would like to make sure that the beverage that in the end will be consumed by your customer will be at the same quality level as when leaving production. That is why we pay attention to the use of appropriate parts and always take the latest state of technologies into account.

Dispensing design is our passion!


Whether a design suiting the individual gastronomy object, or the visualization of the brand at and around the dispensing point. Here lie our strengths. We are ready to make anything possible that is technically feasible.

“We do not want to be an anonymous supplier!

auswahl der besten idee

Project implementation, project consulting or assistance and support.
Thanks to short distances and our large network we can provide you with an optimal
service. It is important to us that we not just work together, but create a good long-term business relationship from which both sides profit.