11111111 - KIT 7 mm


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EasyMobil & EventMobil

Fully configured devices for 7 mm tubes: Mobile unit with 2 EasyTaps or EventTaps for connection to KEGs or tank systems, two-handed operated, dispensing of 16 up to 20 cups in a minute

Equipment: Incl. 2x KEG-heads, pressure reducer with high-pressure-tube, for EasyTap incl. towers, for EventTap with rack for 16 cups

Tecnical data: compressor 1 KW, water tank 90 l, ice bank 32 kg, tubes ID 8 mm, electronic termostat, approx. 250 to 300l cooling capacity per hour for inlet temp. 20°C and outlet 2° to 3°C, 4x80 mm foot rollers with stoppage, dimensions of cooling unit: 545x525x1120 mm, EasyMobil tower height approx. 500 mm