11111112 - Set-up 10 mm


Zeichnung - Informationen:

10 mm: over-, undercounter or standing unit

Fully configured devices for 10 mm tubes: with a dispensing capacity up to 327 l/h

  • standing unit with 190 l/h cooling power and 1x EasyTap
  • ready-to use overcounter unit with 130 l/h cooling power and 1x EasyTap or EventTap
  • undercounter unit with 190 l/h and 2x EasyTaps or 2x EventTaps
  • uc-unit with 250 l/h and 3x taps
  • uc-unit with 500 l/h and 3x taps
  • flat uc-unit with 130 l/h and 1x tap for trucks

  • Please contact us for specific tecnical data.