Remote Control system for restaurants and bars with beer tank installations

  • with automatic or manual tank change
  • Controllable via App







The system offers significant advantages:







Ensure the quality of the beer concerning the taste and the aroma that the brewmaster wanted when brewing the beer, in terms of:
• Temperature control
• Consumption control in each account, in real time
• In-liner pressure control inside each tank








To improve the efficiency in the brewery because of a better
logistic control in real time
• The consumption control allows a more efficient and easier organization of the transport lines for the refilling of the tanks in each account.








Make easier the service because the accounts will be in perfect conditions
• The alarms available in the system to check the temperature and the backpressure, will advise in advance the service department so any issue can be fixed faster and

Real-time information







The marketing and sales departments of any company will really appreciate the consumption control (sales) in real time of:
• Real data of daily consumption
• Possibility to make a marketing campaign in real time as well.
• Control of customers in case of refilling the tanks with another brand of beer.
• Better and higher knowledge of the customers concerning consumer schedules and main drinking days, no need to hear the opinion of the point of sales.