Dispensing design at the point of sale – our passion!

Many of the branded products that we design and develop are customized and exclusive, but also available in smaller quantities. We pay attention to the proper design of the shape according to your wishes and technical possibilities as well as on the choice of the required materials. We believe besides having a visually appealing product also the feel of the product is of importance. The technical specifications and conditions will of course be taken into account, as not only the visual appearance of the product is important but also the quality of the tapped  beverage – keeping with the slogan “tapped as brewed”. The customer shall have the pleasure of a perfectly served and tasting beverage.

kuliWhat’s your story?

Every brand has a story to tell that sets it apart from other brands. The first contact of the end consumer with the brand is especially in these times very important. In the dispensing sector it is usually the eye contact at or above the bar, but also the feel of and for the product. Therefore the right material selection has gained increasing importance. These points we take carefully into account when developing exclusive shapes & products for our customers. We are very flexible in the selection of the appropriate material, and put especial accent on an eco-friendly production. Ultimately, of course, everything depends on your specifications and requirements. We also have a large pool of customizable standard items for a faster and most cost effective solution. In addition, we also offer a variety of tailor-made solutions for your brand.

Which story do you have to tell? – Put yourself out from the crowd!

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