BRAU BEVIALE – 12. – 14. November 2019

Die Innovation in der Druckregulierung

Visit us at Brau Beviale, we are pleased to present some interesting innovations:

  • GovReg™, the inline pressure regulator made of stainless steel, highly configurable (CO2, Argon, O2, N20, N2, mixed gas). The GovReg™ can be installed inline or directly onto the keg coupler. It is particularly small and robust in comparison to common pressure regulators, the setting is tamper-proof and, moreover, the pressure output is constantly the same. Like this, the pressure is steadily correctly set.
  • Taptube™, the first glass beer tap system. The beer passes through a glass spiral inside the column, natural light reflects the colour of the beverage. A unique eye-catcher on the counter! In line with this, a new range of glass tap handles with embedded brewing ingredients has been developed.
  • Branding solutions for the dispensing point to increase the visibility of your brand – – get to know our brand qj:u. qj:u is our new platform for special productions and innovative developments.
  • Tap handles  – we manufature these from different materials and in lot of different shapes (standard/exclusive shapes).
  • Quick tap system for events and large-scale gastronomy with product demonstration
  • Product making from different materials, as for example HI-TEK Ceramics or the surface finishing industrial look
  • Carbotimer product family: Mobile CO2-meters (manual and electronic version) and automatic CO2-night reduction for beer dispensers
  • Soda water machines and accessories

Have a look: MISA at BRAU

Hall 5, 5-333

We are looking forward to your visit!