The material of the future

We offer since many years HI-TEK-ceramic products with our CeramicLine© product range. These are of highly strengthened, hardened ceramics for the daily use, which meet the highest requirements. Since the ancient, ceramic is used and is meanwhile also applicable for different applications in medicine or the automotive industry. The material is constantly evolving. Thus, we can now implement highly customized shapes with even more radical and unusual fonts, curves and design elements.

We work to your specifications & design or create a design according to your wishes. With other materials this is not possible. Flexible oxide alloys and real metal colors are fired directly onto the column, achieving a high level of durability. The wide range of possibilities in colors define the particularity of the chosen shape. Optional lighting options lead to a higher visualization and perception of the brand.

From tool/punch right through to processing and finishing, with this product range we offer fantastic opportunities – even for smaller batches or quantities. The arts and crafts tradition of pottery is continued in a new way.  Each column is handmade following certain working steps. In addition, environmental friendliness is important to us. Our CeramicLine© dispensing towers are equipped with the most environmentally friendly product that you can find on the market. Please see the link below for the carbon footprint in production, talking about the more robust materials our ceramics lead the statistics. Only certain types of plastics can compete with CeramicLine© products. If the tower is not of use anymore, it is non-toxic to return to earth. The material is used by people for over 10,000 years.



fired at over 1200°C
> Little absorption of water


No Harmful dispersions
in the surface treatment


absolutely fireproof


no basis for profiles ration of bacteria
> Useable also in sterile places


as a waste product reactive resistant to chemicals and heat
> can be disposed of or recycled safely


The creation of individual shapes and individually designed surfaces is relatively fast and inexpensive compared to other materials! Please contact us, if you have any questions.