GovReg™ – the innovation in pressure regulation

A secondary pressure regulator with unique inline design for high demands for precision and longevity. The GovReg™ is made of stainless steel and highly configurable (CO2, Argon, O2, N20, N2, mixed gas).

You cannot solve an equation with 2 unknowns, GovReg™ takes the variable pressure out of the game: Set it and forget it.

  • pressure stability: the same pressure output constantly
  • tamper-proof: pressure change is only possible by use of the adjustment tool
  • compact design: saves space in the dispensing system, can also be installed inline, saves labour and logistics costs, easy handling due to its size, no wall mounting or suspension required, maintenance-free
  • material: made of stainless steel, easy to clean and break-proof

The GovReg™ can be installed inline or directly onto the keg coupler, it is particulary small and robust, the setting is tamper-proof and, moreover, the pressure output is constantly the same.

There are three versions available: GovReg™ B (Bier), GovReg™ S (Soda) and GovReg™ HIGHFLOW as well as various compatible adaptors/connectors for the greatest possible flexible use.

Please see for detailed information on the different product versions of the GovReg™: GovReg_product_versions

GovReg™ – Assembly and operation