Innovative re-circulation – qj:u cool

The main problem with all existing re-circulation cooling systems, especially in special designs, is condensation and cold loss inside the dispensing column due to insufficient insulation. Initially invisible, condensation leads to mold growth and, in the worst case, to the development of odors (hygiene aspect when handling food). Condensation water may also escape from the column and penetrate the counter board/counter. Under certain circumstances there is little space for insulation, qj:u cool is flexibly adaptable and is manufactured individually per column.

The system, which has been developed over 3 years, results in a full-surface insulating shell, in which the tap cooling is directed exclusively into the taps, the sheet metal of the dispensing column hardly gets any cooling, and therefore cannot sweat, and the system does not suffer any loss of cold.

Also, and especially in the interior of the dispensing tower, the entire area of the tap cooling is sufficiently “block-insulated” in such a way that no condensation can occur. The two cooling lines are pulled along via the tap connections during hosing, and the connection is made via the stainless steel tube. This also contributes to an absolutely continuous and clean installation. The individual beverage lines still have to be insulated separately.

Other advantages of the system:

  • There are no connections in the tap cooling area that could cause problems due to leaks.
  • There are no unnecessary angles or pinches in the area of the taps, which could affect the flow or the cooling.
  • Each tap can be removed or reattached with relative ease without compromising or damaging the insulation and tap cooling.
  • When tightening the tap, no cooling plate can rotate and squeeze the lines or cause other damage, because the tap cooling plates with the stainless steel pipe bring an absolutely sufficient “inherent stability” with themselves
  • The tap cooling plates are made of aluminium for good heat conductivity, and the anodizing ensures long-lasting quality and cleanliness.
  • The complete solution is a “long-lasting” (long-term) and high-quality design, which can be changed or accessed at any time if necessary, which is unfortunately not the case with “foamed-in-place” columns
  • AND: the soda circuit of a carbonator can also be used at any time as a secondary cooling system, which often saves the use of a separate python cooler.