TAPTUBE – The beer sculpture, completely handmade from glass

Are you looking for a product that makes your beer the protagonist?

Beer – a malt beverage that has been around for thousands of years, it inspires people from all walks of life. Traditional or new and experimental. The choice has never been greater. The typical taste has many facets. In order to do justice to this colourful diversity, the Weinmayer glassblowers have designed a glass column which, thanks to the combination of heat- and acid-resistant borosilicate glass and light, presents the beer perfectly as soon as it is tapped. The glass column is filled with cold water and the beer is visibly transported through the glass spiral when tapped, creating an eye-catching feature in any pub.

The cold chain is closed from the keg to just before the tap. In addition, the complete transparency of the sterile glass allows both bar staff and guests to see the hygiene of the system. The old saying “brewed with love, spoiled at the tap” is finally a thing of the past. The prescribed cleaning intervals are child’s play with the glass dispenser. Modern detergents with colour indicators can be rinsed through in just a few minutes and the cleaning progress is easy to monitor. When not in use, the glass dispenser is covered with an insulating sleeve. This reduces the energy consumption of the wet cooler and protects the beer from UV radiation.


  • Hygiene: The sterile, crystal-clear DURAN® borosilicate glass, with its unsurpassed chemical and mechanical properties, is easy to clean and minimises the germ problem of conventional dispensing systems.
  • Optics: Illuminated by natural light, the tower reflects the colour of the drink 1:1.
  • Product versions: The TAPTUBE glass tower is available in LARGE, TWIN, SMALL versions.
  • Packaging: With precision and dedication, each individual dispenser is assembled, tested and packed in a special transport case.

TAPTUBE – System

TAPTUBE – Crash-Test