The brand
The Sodapower ® brand was launched in 2002  based on the long experience of its founders in the post-mix and soda water machine sector  and the increasing demand for the machines. The goal was a quality seal with recognition value for table water systems to create and include the partners in the branding strategy. Sodapower ® devices are now used in Germany, Portugal and Austria. Dated March 2014 athere re approximately 6000 units in use.

The best possible water quality for everyone! 24 hours a day! Without accordingly designed systems this is impossible, therefore we place great emphasis on technological progress and innovation. Only selected devices receive the Sodapower ® predicate. The devices should be suitable for any purpose, so our portfolio covers a wide range of equipment for all areas in the B2B and consumer market.

The Environment
Protecting the environment is a priority. Sodapower ®-drinking water dispensers change our basic habits and that is needed to protect the environment. The devices contribute readily to make the use of bottled water and thus reduce unnecessary cost and CO2 emissions and the pollution of the planet with billions of plastic and glass bottles and the recycling effort considerably. Plastic bottles require about 700 years to be completely eliminated. And around 80% of the bottles used are not re-used around the world and end up in the garbage depots or otherwise processed, which usually leads to the generation of toxic substances as a byproduct. In Germany in 2011 the average person consumed approx. 134.7 liters of mineral and medicinal water, which means 193 x 0.7 liter bottles. The environmental impacts correspond to a consumption of about 22l oil and 108l water as well as the emission of 23 kg CO2 – only for production and transportation. In addition, we are constantly looking for ways of saving energy. Sodapower ® devices contribute to energy savings by changing our habits. In addition, we are constantly optimizing our equipment with efficient, high-quality components to achieve optimum energy efficiency and to optimize the performance.
Source: Association of German mineralwells eV, January 2012

We recommend filters
A water with good smell and taste characteristics, such as what everyone has at home, offers the organism a balanced mineral balance. But often, the water takes on its way from the source to the household tap impurities of various kinds, which can also damage the equipment, such as dirt old line systems. With an array of micro-filters for home, offices and restaurants Sodapower ® offers the possibility to always have in each case available water. Its flavor characteristics and purity are always identical with those that it has at its source.

Eco-Paper for some of our devices:

ISO 9706 LONG LIFE; alkaline reserve> 2%;
Fully recyclable and biodegradable;
pH neutral (test with cold water); 94/62/CE (heavy metals);
bleached pulp with ECF (elemental chlorine free) from sustainably managed forests ,
“managed properly”