Tappinglight – the simple and innovative novelty for dispensing control

Many, especially small and medium-sized, gastronomy establishments without expensive computer dispensing systems know the problem: The bar is full, too few staff and a curious feeling in the stomach that there are less billed drinks in the system than were served. These were forgotten to be billed or possibly in the worst-case scenario wantonly not inserted in the system by an employee: lost money. For example, 5 non-boned beverages à Euro 3, – per day lead to a loss of 15 Euros. With 25 business days per month, the sum amounts to Euro 375, – to the year would be the example Euro 4.500, -.




The Tappinglight provides simple remedy: (english videos will follow asap)

By a simple display, the ratio during operation between tapped and billed beverages per installed line is shown according to the traffic light principle:
red: More beverages were spilled than billed, the difference should be inserted in the system.
yellow: The amount of tapped and billed drinks is balanced.
green: A drink (or more) was boned at the checkout and not yet fully taken.

Thus, the manager has a very simple way to have more control over the serving and his staff without having to invest in an expensive overall system.
One device is possible for up to 4 lines, several devices can be connected together. The standard is designed for up to 8 lines.

Reading and billing:

The number of open portions can be read off during operation, during shifting, or at the end of the day, using simple handling:

Easy Setup:

One portion of reference must be calibrated per line at the beginning, which is very fast:


Short FAQ with the inventor, Hubert Strasser, Fa. Countec

  • Dear Hubert, a very nice product, how did the idea come about?
    The idea came  by a longer brainstorming of three people, each with approximately thirty years of experience in the areas of gastro sales and hardware and software computer dispensing systems development. Just from our company as an electronics specialist and together with customers who are active on the spot and of course quickly get feedback and input from the market.
    Actually the Tappinglight was developed out of a dissatisfaction: for small and medium-sized enterprises, which do not want or are able to afford expensive computer-controlled systems, there was no simple and favorable type of beverage control. We then took the essentials out of a computer dispensing system and brought to the point with the Tappinglight.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Tappinglight?
    The advantage of the system is the simplicity of the system. There was so far no control system, with which one at once with one glance sees whether the staff works correctly. The control system operates independently in the background. The traffic light principle is self-explanatory; you do not need a large manual even with frequent personnel changes. Due to the open dispensing system of manual dispensing systems and the absence of solenoid valves, it is also not possible that the supply of drinks will fail due to a defect or a power failure on a weekend. Free according to the motto: Ingeniously simple, simply brilliant.
    In addition, the system lives by a certain mutual control of the staff. Each waiter can retrieve the count itself, which in turn will have a confidence-building effect.
    Disadvantages: Somewhere is the border, large enterprises would not be able to cover, but these are not the main target group.
    Also possible cuts or spillages are not included, here the manager has to define a process. We recommend FOB-stops.
  • Note: The patent proceedings are already in progress.


What do you need:

  • a serial interface to the cash register system, technical data can be quickly transmitted to the respective cash register manufacturer.
    Already registered companies: GASTRO-TOUCH, GASTROFIX, Swiftcash, REPOS, BONitFleX, Vectron, Duratec, Novacom, AIDA-Touch, X3000, sale grip, GMS-Kassa, leafsystems, KRO4GASTRO
  • A measuring device in the beverage line, the Tappinglight is optionally delivered with Engolit beverage turbines or Digmesa Sonic ultrasonic transducers.
    It is also possible to test and calibrate the sensors in the factory if you prefer others.
  • surely a dispensing system, the Tappinglight can be retrofitted on existing systems


What the Tappinglight cannot do?

  • Invoicing. Although the system has accurate, calibrated encoders with very low tolerance (eg. according to Engolit repetition accuracy better than 0.25%), but not a display. The system is as simple as possible to control.
  • No waiter chain system, it might not be possibile to maintain who exactly did not bill the drinks.
  • Recording in case of power failure. Here can be tapped without counting. That is, the billing shows the state before the power failure. When the voltage supply re-starts, the Tappinglight continues to work seamlessly, but with a fault signal. After clearing the fault message, the count begins at zero. The fault message can only be acknowledged with the key switch.