We offer mobile CO2-meters (manual and electronic version available) which serve for quality assurance and enable the user to determine the CO2-content of the beer in the KEG. The devices are a technical aid that enable breweries, beer systems staff, catering companies, beverage distributors as well as operators of event arenas/venues (e. g. football stadiums, event arenas) to determine quickly and easily the CO2-content of the beer in tapped KEGs on-site. The carbonisation of the beer can be prevented by a reduction of the pressure in the barrel if necessary. The pressure can be relieved uncomplicated via the integrated safety valve on the coupler head.


  • Avoiding loss in sales by foaming beer when tapping (time saving when tapping/less beer wastage)
  • Avoiding additional personnel and logistics costs when dealing with customer complaints (laboratory costs/transport costs)
  • Checking of the settings of the dispensing system
  • Avoiding damage to the brewery’s image („The beer is bad/does not taste good/is flat.“)
  • Quick and mobile determination of the CO2-content (g/l) in the KEG > Correct setting of the operation pressure of the dispensing system is possible.

The CO2-meter for the mobile use – electronic version (Carbotimer® BRAUMEISTER)

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Three different measuring modes can be selected:
• Measuring mode 1: semi-automatic measuring/metering of the CO2 content
Measuring pressure and temperature in the KEG – the device calculates the results in g/l.
Possibilitiy of relieving pressure in the barrel, if the CO2 content in the KEG is too high.

• Measuring mode 2: manual measurement & adjustment of the device to future cellar
temperature of the beer KEG

Enter the future cellar temperature in °C and confirmation of input. The device calculates the
actual CO2-content of the beer in g/l upon reaching the future cellar temperature.
The calculation is based on the actual value (current pressure in the KEG). Any calculated
excess pressure is reduced to saturation pressure by relieving pressure via the safety valve
on the coupler head.

• Measuring mode 3: Pressure measurement
For continuous pressure measurement and inspection of the tolerances of the regulators and
thereby verification of accuracy of the dispensing system. Only the BRAUMEISTER and a
connection (tube and connection facilities) between the main pressure reducer and
device are needed for this. An adaptor piece is available separately.

The scope of delivery contains: 1x CO2-meter, 1x or 2x keg coupler, 1x filter, 1x temperature sensor, 1x carry bag

Flyer Carbotimer® BRAUMEISTER: Carbotimer BRAUMEISTER

The CO2-meter for the mobile use – manual version (CT-Measuring Unit)


The “CT-Measuring Unit” is a modified keg coupler which can be used – taking the temperature into account – to determine the CO2-content of the beer in the barrel. The mounted filter prevents any beer foam from entering the pressure gauge and a contamination at the pressure gauge.

Function: Determination of the head pressure in the KEG. – The CO2-content in the barrel can be determined in combination with the temperature (calculation using Henry´s law by means of callipers available on the market).

The scope of delivery contains: 1x pressure gauge, 1x keg coupler with safety valve, 1x filter unit

Flyer CT-Measuring Unit: CT-Measuring Unit